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Tehama County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board (DAAB)
The purpose of the Tehama County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board is to advise the Tehama County Health Services Agency Executive Director and the Tehama County Board of Supervisors on drug and alcohol issues, programs, and services affecting the health of the community. DAAB Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month from 12 pm to 1 pm and are open to the public.
  Responsibilities of the DAAB include: 1) reviewing and evaluating community alcohol and drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation needs, services, facilities and special problems; 2) Advising the Board of Supervisors on policies, goals, and operations of the Tehama County Drug and Alcohol Division by way of an annual report; 3) Encouraging support throughout the County for the development and implementation of effective drug and alcohol programs; and 4) Assisting the Drug and Alcohol Division in assessing the community's needs for drug and alcohol services, prioritizing identified needs, and proposing actions to remedy these identified needs.  
  Much of the Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board’s work is done through its committees, which include: Annual Report, Events, Barriers for People in Recovery, and Nomination. The various committees provide monthly meeting reports to the DAAB members.  
  If you are interested in becoming a member of the DAAB, call (530) 527-7893 or click on this link DAAB Membership Application - Printout PDF `
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