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  Rehabilitation Services

  Rehabilitation Services is intended to serve clients of mental health upon a referral from MH staff and acceptance into the program. ADR is a structured program of rehabilitation and therapy to improve, maintain, or restore personal independence and functioning.
Consistent with a RECOVERY model, an emphasis is placed on helping clients move from a self-concept of "helpless victim" of a mental illness to a self-concept of "survivor" who accomplishes their personal goals despite having to deal with a chronic mental illness.
  The program is staffed by Case Resource Specialists, Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialists, Marriage and Family Counselors, and Clinical Social Workers. Specialty mental health services, provided five hours per day, from one to five days per week, include assessment, plan development, individual and group therapy, collateral sessions, and group programs focusing on functional skills, daily living skills, social and leisure skills, grooming and personal hygiene skills, meal preparation skills, support resources, and medication education. A client “Drop In Center” is also available, allowing clients to engage in activities or conversation with others, as well as gain peer support.  
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