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  Clozaril Clinic

  Clozaril Clinic - Clozaril is a potent atypical antipsychotic medication that requires very close monitoring. The Clozaril Clinic is designed to provide intensive medication support to those designated chronic and pervasively mentally ill clients who have been treatment resistant to other antipsychotic medications. All Clozaril clients are seen weekly in a medication support group facilitated by a licensed nurse.

The purpose of the group is primarily for assessment of client well-being, monitoring adherence to the medication regimen, observing for potential side-effects/adverse effects of the medication, providing medication education, and encouraging appropriate socialization.
  Clients who receive this potent antipsychotic medication are required to have laboratory tests of their blood every two weeks and the results of these tests are monitored by a licensed nurse. Clozaril is dispensed every two weeks to clients based upon the satisfactory results of the blood tests.  
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