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  Dual Diagnosis Services

  Dual Diagnosis Services - Many clients seen by Mental Health have co-existing problems with alcohol or other substance abuse, but often find it difficult to acknowledge this problem or recognize the need to address the abuse as a problem. The opposite is often true at the Health Agency's Drug and Alcohol treatment program, where their clients acknowledge a problem with substance abuse but deny the possibility of any co-existing mental illness.
  Research has found that when these two co-existing problems are addressed concurrently, the chances for success are greatly improved.
  We have trained all Mental Health staff in the general concepts of Dual Diagnosis treatment, and provided further extensive training to certain staff who now provide Dual Diagnosis groups. We have integrated these groups into all of our treatment programs, which allows the client to pursue the most appropriate treatment for their mental health issues while the staff involved work toward providing a non-threatening environment in which the opportunity for discussion of substance abuse issues can occur. If and when appropriate, referrals are made to Drug and Alcohol Treatment.  
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