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  Case Management

  Case Management - Provides supportive services to individuals with severe and pervasive mental illness in order to allow them to live within their community in the least restrictive environment possible. Provides assistance in restoring or maintaining an individual’s functioning skills. The provision of services and support takes place in the individual’s environment and is directed and determined by the person’s needs, choices, and assistance in taking charge of their lives through informed decision-making.
  Linkage and brokerage are provided to access necessary resources to aid clients in remaining in independent living and caring for their personal needs. We also assist with placement services to access appropriate housing and level of care. In conjunction with the public guardian, we monitor conservatees in high-level placements, and assist with appropriate placements and discharges to lower levels of care.  
  This program provides several supported houses in the community as a transition to independent living from a higher level of care. We assist in developing skills and independence, with assistance from the Dept. of Social Services with an in home supportive service provider (IHSS). Case Management staff serve as advocates for individuals when appropriate.  
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