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Maternal Child & Adolescent Health Program (MCAH)
  • Assist with access to medical care
  • Financial assistance for seriously ill, injured or handicapped children including medical care, therapy, and durable medical equipment
Who is Eligible?
  • Children (20 years of age and younger) who are seriously ill, injured, handicapped or have a congenital defect
  • Families qualify by income and medical condition
  Who Provides the service?  
  • CCS approved providers and centers
  • Clients may also receive care by local physicians as long as they are in conjunction
    with CCS paneled providers
  Where are the services provided?  
  • Medical services are available across the State, at private provider offices,
    and medical centers
  What is offered?  
  • Case management by Public Health Nurses
  • Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Financial assistance to meet medical needs
  How to apply?  
  • Contact Public Health at 527-6824
  • Referrals accepted from any source, including self referral

  • If eligibility criteria is met, services are free
  • If annual fee is required it is based on a sliding scale

For more information on the CCS program and caring for children with special needs, please visit the California Department of Healthcare Services:

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