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Maternal Child & Adolescent Health Program (MCAH)
  • Advocate for and coordinate the health care needs of foster children and provide nursing interventions for at risk children
Who is Eligible?
  • All infants and children who are referred to or are open cases of the Tehama County
    Department of Social Services-Child Protective Services (TCDSS-CPS)
  Who Provides the service?  
  • Public Health Nurse
  Where are the services provided?  
  • Home
  • School
  • Community
  • TCDSS-Child Protective Services
  What is offered?  
  • Nursing assessment of infants and children at risk
  • Case Management
  • Referrals to medical, dental, mental health and other supportive services
  • Creating and updating a Health and Education Passport (health record for each child)
  • Health education and information to parents, social workers, and substitute care providers (i.e. foster parents, group home, and relative placements)

  How to apply?  
  • Referred through TCDSS-Child Protective Services
  • For more information contact the Public Health Office at 527-6824 or 1-800-655-6854 or
    contact the TCDSS-CPS Office at 528-4004

  • No cost
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